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Commercial Shared Kitchen

for the Serious Culinary Entrepreneur

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Our facility is currently under construction, but click here to see the official facility blueprint!


• Walk-In Cooler
• Walk-In Freezer
• 2 Heavy-Duty Microwaves 
• 20-Quart, 3-Speed Mixer 
• 2 Full-Size Single Convection Oven 
• Meat Grinder 
• Commercial Slicer 
• Can Opener 
• Portions Scales  
• Reach-in Refrigerator 
• Induction Range
• Two Compartment Vegetable Washing Sink
• Two Compartment Meat Washing Sink
• Three Compartment Dish Washing Sink
• 2 Hand Washing Sinks
• 2 Full-Size Sheet Pan Racks
• Oven Thermometers
• Large Storage Rooms for Food Racks
• Stainless Steel Tables
• Ice Maker and Storage Bin